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  • 11/21/2016
    TVA Keeps Valley Commerce on the Grow
    TVA Economic Development’s Senior Vice President John Bradley sits down to discuss TVA’s FY2016 results in terms of direct investment and jobs attracted and retained. (Hint: It's go...
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  • 10/31/2016
    Tennessee Valley’s Automotive Fast Lane
    Spurred by the presence of four automotive OEMs, the Tennessee Valley’s automotive sector is the second largest in the nation—and poised to leave Michigan in its taillights.
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  • 9/15/2016
    11 Years of Success with Site Selection
    America’s premier magazine for site selectors names TVA among the top 10 American utilities for economic development for the eleventh straight year. Here’s why.
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  • 8/1/2016
    TVA Prepares Rural Leaders to Bring Home Jobs
    At 3:30 on the Tuesday afternoon the president of a rural chamber of commerce hangs up the phone. She knows the proposal deadline is Friday, and the deal could bring hundreds of jobs and millions i...
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  • 8/20/2015
    Build Tomorrow’s Workforce, Today

    Today, we end this series with a final look forward, exploring what you should know and do now to build your community’s future workforce.

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  • 8/13/2015
    Smart Marketing – Part Two

    This week, we look at a few more marketing strategies you can use.

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  • 8/7/2015
    Smarter Marketing Brings Leads
    As part of our “Next Stop, the Future” series, we examine winning marketing practices.
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  • 7/30/2015
    Give Incentives A Makeover
    As part of our “Next Stop, the Future” series, we examine an industry staple that’s quickly evolving: incentives.
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  • 7/23/2015
    TVA’s Chris Berryman Looks to the Future of Transportation Manufacturing

    As part of our “Next Stop, the Future” series, we recently explored how OEMs are making ...

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  • 7/9/2015
    Southern Manufacturing Multiplies Opportunities

    Today, we explore the importance of spotting potential future investment trends.

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  • 6/11/2015
    The Future of Manufacturing: Clustering Is Key

    We recently launched a new series, “Next Stop: The Future.” For several weeks, we’ll explore trends shaping the future of economic development. Today, ...

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