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Life in the Valley

The natural beauty of the TVA region provides a vivid backdrop to its thriving economy. Bounded on one end by the 500,000-acre Great Smoky Mountains National Park and on the other by the mighty Mississippi, the Valley is home to a variety of lively urban places and wide-open spaces, with lots of scenic room to roam.

All this access comes without breaking your budget. Despite covering a geographically and economically diverse region, the Tennessee Valley boasts a Cost of Living Index score of 92.0 (EMSI), which is below the national average and comparable regional cities. Life in the Valley is affordable and comfortable.

TVA Region Advantages

  • Commute times shorter than the national average
  • Residents spend 39% less on housing than the national average
  • 251 higher education institutions that offer a multitude of programs & prepare graduates for jobs
    • In 2017, the Valley graduated 132,525 individuals
    • The workforce pipeline has grown 6% over the last five years (EMSI)
  • A population that has grown 8% over the past 10 years

Tennessee Valley Uncharted

Journey through the Tennessee Valley, and explore the area’s most well-known assets, plus discover its hidden gems. Tennessee Valley Uncharted takes you on a variety of adventures where you’ll travel and traverse the seven-state region alongside TV hosts Erick Baker and Aerial Nicole, learning about the unique and interesting things our picturesque place offers the world. Episodes are available on local PBS channels or on YouTube.


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