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Corporate Managers

Target Market Specialists

  • Adam Murray Target Market Specialist, Advanced Manufacturing Headshot

    Adam Murray

    Target Market Specialist, Aerospace and Defense, Automotive and Mobility Technologies, Life Sciences 615.232.6685
  • Tyler Chaffee TVA Target Market Specialist, Consumer Products

    Tyler Chaffee

    Target Market Specialist, Food and Industrial Technologies 864.420.5637
  • Will West TVA Consultant, Southeast Valley Region

    Will West

    Target Market Specialist, Technology Systems and Security 615.604.9206
  • Meryl Harris

    Target Market Specialist, Clean Technologies 615.479.5220

Product Development

  • Bill Adams

    Bill Adams

    Senior Target Market Specialist, Product Development 615.289.1835
  • Josh Thornton TVA Consultant, Mississippi Region

    Josh Thornton

    Senior Program Manager, Product Development 901.334.6210



MIddle Tennessee

  • Neil MacDonald TVA Consultant, Middle Tennessee Region

    Neil MacDonald

    Consultant, Middle Tennessee Region 865.607.3409
  • Courtey Robinson TVA Consultant, Middle Tennessee Region

    Courtney Robinson

    Consultant, Middle Tennessee Region 615.232.6700
  • Nick Cunningham

    Consultant, Middle Tennessee Region 615.232.6007


Northeast Valley

Southeast Valley

West Tennessee

Training and Development

  • Alex Sadler

    Training and Development Consultant 615.351.8809
  • Katrina Shirley Smith

    Training and Development Consultant 601.218.1758